Has the current situation played havoc with your work and home life routine? Are you feeling stressed out by your workload and working from home? Is there too much to do in a day and too little time to do it in? Well, you’re not alone. According to a study from the American Psychological Survey, one-third of employees maintained chronic stress. Now, we are seeing current stress levels sky rocket. So, how do you overcome your stress-filled schedules? My recommendation is to get back to the basics. A good self-care routine can work wonders when it comes to lowering stress and anxiety! Here are my four best tips for staying on top of everything life has to throw at you:

1) Create A Schedule

I recommend at the start of every day, make a list of the top three jobs that need your immediate attention and the top three things in your personal life that need attention. See if you can take action on those during the first part of your day when you have the most energy. We often get overwhelmed with less critical tasks, spending much more time than we need to distract ourselves from the bigger jobs ahead. Start your morning identifying these top items and getting straight into the more challenging tasks when you’ve got plenty of energy and can maximize your focus. Prioritizing also supports identifying what is in your control. Remember to check-in with yourself at the end of each workday, so you don’t deviate from your top three and remain accountable to your goals.

One great way to divide up your tasks is to put everything into a planner or notebook, which you can tick off as you go along. This process helps to get you out of your head and into action. Not only does it make things more apparent when you see them set out on paper, but you’ll get immense satisfaction putting a giant tick next to every job you complete.

2) Look After Your Physical Health

I’m not suggesting daily 50-mile bike rides or signing up for a marathon. Just make sure you’ve got the basics in check. Are you beginning your day with movement? Are you drinking enough water? If you wake up feeling off-color, you’re most likely dehydrated. Begin your day with a cold glass of lemon water, and you’ll immediately feel the benefits. It’s the same for feeling refreshed. When we’re overloaded, taking a long bath or shower is the first thing that goes out the window. Make sure you’re either starting or ending your day with a relaxing self-care bath or shower. Trust me, this will not only relax your body, but it also relaxes your mind.

3) Do Something New

No, stay with me. I don’t want you to book skydiving tickets if that’s something you’re not into and will only elevate your fears. I’m talking about the little things you can do that’ll shake up your routine. Houseplants are always a great idea. Taking time out of your day to feed them is a great way to spend your lunch break when working from home. Do you go on a daily walk or run? If so, why not change the route and reverse the direction? According to neuroscience our brains need new stimulants to alleviate boredom, so try and do something a little different every day for a new change. 

4) Hire a Transformative Coach

Sometimes you just need an accountability partner to help you out. This is where I come in! I can help you revolutionize your professional and personal life, and help remove doubts and anxiety. I support individuals in reaching new growth levels, achievement, and success. Partnering with a transformative coach  can give you the partnership, support and accountability to help you make these skills a habit.  Every individual is unique, and this process is highly collaborative to support your ideal life.

Transformative coaching champions self-reflection, strengthens healthy boundaries, and supports defining one’s unique life. I’ve helped my clients transition to and succeed in their next career, take their business idea to market, and have more fulfilling relationships. They’ve reached higher levels of success and satisfaction in their personal and professional life! Are you ready to partner?

Check out what I can do for you, and let’s start working together!