Do you ever get the feeling that you are not alone? There is this tiny, sometimes distant voice inside of you that goes off when you feel out of place. Can you relate? Well, this is known as, imposter syndrome. The imposter within us can be a persistent voice, constantly undermining our achievements and causing self-doubt, especially when we are up to something big and pushing the edge of our comfort zone. But, you can break free from imposter syndrome and embrace your true capabilities.

Here are some tips on how to do that.

1) Learn to Reframe Your Thoughts

Firstly, remember that the imposter doesn’t see what you see. The imposter (or inner critic) doesn’t see all your successes and key learnings, especially when it comes to perceived failures. Despite any setbacks or perceived failures, remind yourself that you are heading in the right direction. A new thought pattern to shift that belief is “I am going in the right direction.” Instead of dwelling on what didn’t work out, reframe them as opportunities that weren’t the right fit at the time. Instead of looking at them as “failures” look at them as “not the right opportunity.”

2) Celebrate Triumphs

Next, focus on your vision and the successes you have achieved. Celebrate the times when you’ve triumphed and the lessons you’ve gained along the way. This shift in perspective can help you build confidence and recognize your worth. A new thought pattern is, “I am doing this,” or “What is the learning in this opportunity?”

3) Use Affirmations

By setting high standards for yourself and giving yourself new thought patterns, you will acknowledge your efforts and successes, and take the necessary action to reinforce your confidence and combat imposter syndrome. Use affirmations to boost your self-belief such as “I am…” And remember to infuse fun into this journey, making your affirmations more enjoyable.

Remember, overcoming imposter syndrome takes time, effort, and consistency, but by embracing your accomplishments, using reframing methods, empowering your vision, and taking proactive steps towards growth, you can silence the imposter within and confidently step into your true potential.

If these tips resonate with you and you’re ready to up-level your career, fill out an application for a complimentary leadership breakthrough session to explore topics such as these and your goals. I guarantee you will walk away with value about your leadership goals and barriers to your ultimate success. Feel free to reach out and book a session.