We can’t all be perfect all of the time. We know what tasks we’ve got to do each day, but sometimes, we lack the motivation we need to achieve our goals. This was me before I discovered these tips to help me fly through my job list and start ticking off tasks with ease. Here are 10 tips to get you motivated and start reaching for your dreams.

1. Create A Plan

Very few tasks are as straightforward as going from A to B. In fact, the bigger your goal, the more layered a job is likely to be. That’s why it’s so important that you plan before you start. This way, you can visualize what you need to do and when you need to do it. It may seem simple, but having your task list written down in front of you will revolutionize your working habits and help keep you on track.

2. Clear your space and your mind

To be productive, you need an awesome working environment. We can all work surrounded by clutter, but is that really ideal for efficiency? Before you start, tidy your work surface. Clear your desk, open the curtains, get some natural light and fresh air into your office space. By getting organized, you reduce potential distractions so you can focus on the tasks ahead.

3. Stop multi-tasking 

It’s pretty straightforward when you break it down. Why would you put 50% of your focus on two projects when you can put 100% of your energy on one. When we’ve got a lot of jobs to do, it’s very easy to jump between tasks. This is unproductive and creates a state of overwhelm. Instead, undertake each project one after the other. That way, you’re only ever in the zone for the very thing you’re working on.

4. do the big tasks first


When you put your tasks in order at the start of the day, make sure you start with the more demanding, lengthier tasks. This completely changed my routine for the better. I used to put off the hard stuff until the very end of the day, by which point I was far too tired to give it my full attention. Instead, attack the tricky jobs while you’re most awake and use your energy to get ahead. 

5. Give yourself breaks – but don’t go too far

Sometimes we just need five minutes away. Scientists aren’t 100% sure on the exact length of time before our brains start to lose productivity, but the general consensus is that we work best in 45-minute chunks. Once you feel yourself drifting away, take a quick five to ten-minute break. Don’t cheat the system and leave your work for over an hour. Remember, you’ve got to keep your discipline.  

6. reconnect with your why


If you’re struggling for motivation, why not try putting things into perspective? Remind yourself WHY you’re doing this task. I’ll often find myself taking a step back and saying out loud, “I am doing this job to help me complete X by the end of the week. Once I’ve done task X, I can focus on finishing task Y by the end of the month.” Trust me on this; it really does help!

7. keep it fun

Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. If you want to stay motivated, find a way you can make your task fun. I hated studying for exams in school, but I got through it by turning my revision into a game. I’d try to answer as many flashcards correctly as possible, write down my score, and the next day I’d try to beat it. It’s remarkable how even the most boring jobs can be made to be a little bit more exciting by merely getting the competitive juices flowing. 

8. refocus when you stall

Now, don’t get confused. We still think you shouldn’t multitask if you can avoid it. But, if you really are stalling on one particular project, maybe it is time to walk away and kickstart your brain and body by doing something else on your list. This is particularly useful if the next task can be done in a different room in your house or area of the office. That way, even your working environment is different. Don’t turn job flip-flopping into a regular habit, but sometimes a total reset is exactly what you need.

9. reward yourself when complete

This is so important, but one of the most forgotten ways to keep yourself motivated. Once you’ve finished your day’s work, give yourself a reward to make all that hard work worth it. I love to relax my mind either by going on a long run in the summer or taking a soothing, relaxing epsom salt bath in the winter. You can even plan your rewards before you’ve even planned out your tasks at the start of the day. Thinking about relaxing in the evening is often all the motivation I need to whiz through my tasks.

10. hire a professional coach

Still struggling to stay motivated? Sometimes you just need an accountability partner to help you out. I support individuals and teams in reaching new growth levels, achieving greater levels of success in their business, career, and life.  I use a combination of neuroscience and coaching tools in a thoughtful and reflective way. Every individual is unique, and this process is highly collaborative to support your ideal professional and personal life.

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