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Reclaim Vitality Leadership Coaching

Reclaim Vitality Coaching works with high-achieving leaders to show up more authentically, bring vibrance back into their lives and level up their career.

Reclaim Vitality Coaching may be for you if you are already a successful leader, but feel lost and on the edge of burnout.  

Our coaching clients get the support and mentorship they need to become re-inspired in their leadership role and have more certainty and confidence that they are moving in the right direction towards their professional and personal vision. By working with us they achieve higher levels of success and impact in their workplace and industry.

If you are feeling burnout, overwhelm and resignation, it may be time to reach out for support. Contact us if you would like a 30 minute complimentary leadership breakthrough session.

Be Your Best

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Many leaders don’t realize they are burnout until it’s happening because they ignore the warning signs. They push through and keep their head down hoping it will get better. 

Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. 

Have you been experiencing rapid changes, organizational demands and economic challenges?

Are you feeling higher levels of disengagement, stress and burnout? 

Are you internalizing feelings of boredom, resignation and dwindling success?

You aren’t alone.  Recent studies suggest the following:

  • Only 15% of employees are engaged in the workplace,
  • A resounding 89% of employees say their well-being has recently declined,
  • 75% of employees say they feel more socially isolated, and
  • 57% are feeling greater anxiety and emotional exhaustion.

These overwhelming statistics help explain why leaders may be experiencing lower levels of performance from themselves and their teams. 

You can take the road less traveled.

You don’t need to experience extended periods of mental stress and exhaustion alone.  We can help you build the resiliency and capacity that will support your new path to success. 

It’s time to RECLAIM your vitality, build resiliency, up level your leadership, and invest in your personal well-being.  

Our Approach to Leadership

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Energy & Mindset

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Hi, I’m Sara

I am Sara Spencer, founder of RECLAIM Vitality Coaching. As a leadership success coach, energy enthusiast, and connector, I am passionate about helping leaders achieve success in their career, life and leadership. 

When I was building my career, working on multiple projects, and being a caregiver to a family member, I realized I was burning the candle at both ends and slowly burning out. This resulted in autoimmune challenges which led me to realize that I needed to make a change. I began partnering with a coach to help me build capacity, resiliency, and confidence in my leadership role and learned to create sustainable self-care habits and boundaries. This experience inspired me to work with leaders – not only on leadership development, upleveling their career and communication, but to be whole, integrated leaders who honor their mind, body and spirit in the process.

As an HR leader and consultant, it’s essential that our leaders and their employees thrive, which is why I created my Success Coaching Program and Leadership Accelerator Courses. I am passionate about resiliency based education and bringing it to our leaders and organizations. If employees feel burnout, overwhelmed and are burning the candle for too long on both ends, it can impact overall mental and physical well-being, retention, and ultimately the organization. 

It gives me great fulfillment to see my clients thrive in their leadership role and life, achieve their goals, succeed in the midst of change and level up their career while caring for themselves in a truly balanced way. 

Sara is credentialed through the International Coaching Federation.  She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Group and Team Coach, Mentor Coach and holds an MBA from Seattle University. Supplementary coaching certifications:

  • Positive Intelligence
  • TILT 365 and TILT Personality Profile
  • DiSC 
  • Strengths Finder 
  • Energy Management
  • Birkman 
  • Inside Out Coaching 
  • Voice Dialogue 
  • Dr. Sears Health Coaching
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Sara has been a phenomenal resource!

“Sara has been a phenomenal resource and sounding board and I highly recommended her. She helps you think outside of the box and provides excellent insights into alternative methods and lines of thinking.”

S. Novomestky

S. Novomestky – Director of PMO & Operations

Takes the time to understand the goals

“Great coach who takes the time to understand the goals and develop a plan to reach. Her experience and resources allowed for smooth interactions with the right amount of accountability. I would recommend to anyone looking to improve their career!”

J BatesJ. Bates – Operations Manager

Thoughtful and career changing

“Sara is a great executive leadership coach. She is able to quickly understand the issues at hand and propose a potential solution. They are not generic solutions but rather thoughtful and career changing. I would recommend Sara to any executive looking to further develop themselves into a better leader.”

J. Metzger

J. Metzger  – Director of Business Operations

We worked hard together

“When I first started working with Sara, I was in rut and feeling burned out. Our work together helped me first rebuild my strong personal foundation, so that I could get to the real work of exploring the aspects of leadership of which I wanted to do more. We then explored my skills and talents that I could develop and leverage…” READ MORE

R. Hansleman

R. Hansleman – VP Sales

Presents creative ideas and communicates the benefits

“Sara’s energy, insight, and transparency showed within each model she presented. Not only did she set expectation and kept the team on task she modeled the expectation and lived each value being taught…” READ MORE

T. Hastings

T. Hastings  – BPS Operations Leader

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