What clients are saying…

“Sara invited me on a discovery process to promote living in alignment with my values, and to embrace my personal leadership vision and goals. She used experiential techniques, such as emotional intelligence and neuroscience tools, to unlock positive change within my training organization and myself.  Her approach elevated my awareness of conscious choice, strengthened my leadership competencies, personal accountability, and transparency within my teams.”

-John, Engineering Director

“My perspective of my career has changed completely from a passive role, waiting for my accomplishments to be recognized and get promoted, to an active role asking for promotion, seeking out the skill sets needed to advance my career, changing my thought patterns, and routine. My career trajectory has climbed considerably. I have been promoted, received a meritorious invention award, and I am currently Employee of the month. I have found a mentor, and I am actively pursuing expanding my skill set through evaluating were I need to gain the experience in management in my current role and moving strategically.”

-Aerospace Manager

“Sara’s coaching broke down barriers to help me achieve what I want in life and in my career. Each session focused on a different aspect of my life. Her coaching allowed me to realize goals and fulfilled my desire for personal and professional growth.”

-Greg, Engineer and Psychology Grad Student

“By partnering with Sara I can finally say that my energy is balanced. I’m craving healthy foods and exercise, and my clothes are fitting! Her healthy challenge program supported me in creating healthy habits that I can do on my own.”

-Steve, Director

“I began working with Sara mid September of 2018, and she has positively impacted my life forever. Sara’s coaching was a blessing as she has became a critical member of my community.

My doctor was blown away with my transformation. He was amazed that I went from my 203 pounds down to 173.  Our nutritional health is critical, as my doctor reflected, by stating through my actions I gave myself a present of 10 years.
Today, I am more than a believer, I am an achiever and will be sharing my story. I am blessed with having Sara Spencer as my coach. Sara has gone above and beyond my expectations to insure success.
I can’t wait until my next doctors appointment in 6 months as my phase 3 goals will be incorporating physical exercise. For me it was a simple and enjoyable journey. I was ready!”

-Tracy, Director

“My name is Sara and I am honored to share my coaching experience with Sara Spencer.

The personalized coaching coupled with her energy management system has resulted in a life I never dreamt possible for myself. I now have energy through the roof, a body free of bloat and chronic pain and a more balanced life that has resulted in a physical appearance that had me looking years younger than my ACTUAL age.

Inside, I feel more uplifted and have developed an improved self image through the tools and resources she provided. For me, Coach Sara has been a God send. She has a true gift in meeting people where they are at and her ability to have people experience their own results in their own time. I am definitely living proof of her ability to hold a vision and believe in me prior to seeing it myself. I am grateful and extremely blessed.”

-Sara, Business Owner


Something I saw in myself and I see in my clients is: We are successful and we strive for the best in our lives. Yet, we want something more.

We desire the habits, focus and energy to attain growth in our careers, business, and relationships, yet not at the cost of our personal fulfillment and ourselves. 

I’ve embraced the Results Coaching Model that will assist you in excelling in your career and life by remaining in alignment with who you are, working with beliefs, behaviors and mind-set to maintain the success you’re after.

It’s essential to have an unbiased thought-partner providing the tools, experiences and accountability to get your intended results, while living a fulfilled and happy life. I invite my clients to explore all parts of themselves and honor fears – yet not let that stop them. It’s miraculous to watch someone design and practice new habits to live a successful, full life.