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Just a couple of months ago I embarked on a transformative wellness journey that has taught me many valuable lessons about leadership and how prioritizing my own well-being has positively impacted my professional life. But let’s be real
Have you ever experienced burnout? Or, prolonged stress due to your job? Well you are not alone! According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics study last year, 80% of employees experienced burnout and 60% of those interviewed said
Have you ever found yourself in a meeting room filled with colleagues who seem to effortlessly share their thoughts and ideas, while you prefer to process information internally. As an internal processor in a room dominated by external
Imagine this: you stride into a room filled with expectant faces, ready to deliver a powerful speech that will captivate everyone. Your confidence shines through, and your commanding presence leaves the audience in awe. It’s not a far-fetched
Finding the right next step in your career path can sometimes feel like a bit of a  journey of searching. Also, being able to find the right time for the move is just as important. I’m here to
As a high-achieving woman, finding balance can often seem like a tightrope walk between personal and professional responsibilities. The fear of not being able to strike that delicate equilibrium can be overwhelming, especially when you genuinely love what
In today’s dynamic work environment, many of us find ourselves facing the personal issue of asking for more compensation. This can be especially difficult when our job roles and expectations are unclear. It can be challenging to navigate
“How do I find the energy again to achieve when the world can be put on pause?” Do you ever ask yourself this question? Have your priorities change during COVID? I am hearing a common theme amongst colleagues