Level-Up Your Confidence, Leadership & Authority

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The Leadership Accelerator anchors and reinforces resilient leadership skills, which include:

  • Leveraging your energy
  • Networking intentionally and building strong connections
  • Up-leveling your leadership skills and career
  • Amplifying your confidence
  • Mastering your mindset and habits

Over the course of twelve sessions you will have greater self-awareness, deeper understanding of the skills needed to build resiliency, and a practice to embody these skills to build and sustain greater impact with your team and thrive in your role. This work is based on the research and curriculum developed by Sara Spencer.

Leadership Accelerator Program graphic with arrows pointing to: MASTER your mindset and habits; AMPLIFY your confidence and stand in your authority; LEVERAGE your energy and network; NETWORK intentionally and build strong connections; UP-LEVEL your leadership and career skills.

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