In today’s dynamic work environment, many of us find ourselves facing the personal issue of asking for more compensation. This can be especially difficult when our job roles and expectations are unclear. It can be challenging to navigate through such uncertain circumstances, but there are strategies we can employ to ensure our success and fulfillment in the workplace.

1) Proactively Seek Clarity

First and foremost, it’s crucial to establish the right team structure that will enable us to thrive amidst the ambiguity. When things are uncertain in our job, proactively seek clarity by engaging with relevant stakeholders and leaders within the organization. Internal check-points play a vital role in understanding the direction of our work and ensuring alignment with the overarching goals of the company.

2) Assess Your Performance

To ask for more compensation, it’s essential to assess our own performance and objectives for the year. We must identify where these objectives are documented, allowing us to commit ourselves to measurable outcomes. Unfortunately, if goals are not clearly stated, it becomes challenging to evaluate our progress and justify the request for increased compensation. Understanding our workload and its impact on our performance is equally crucial. We need to be aware of how our efforts contribute to the company’s success, ultimately justifying the need for additional compensation.

3) Have Consistent Conversations

When contemplating how to approach your manager about compensation, it’s crucial to bring consistency to the conversations. Clearly defining goals and ensuring alignment is essential not only for our personal growth but also for the success of the team as a whole. Developing others and fostering their growth is an integral part of creating a cohesive and high-performing team. By demonstrating our commitment to the development of our colleagues, we contribute to a positive work culture and a sense of shared purpose.

4) Make Meaningful Contributions

Engagement is directly linked to productivity, so it’s crucial to find ways to stay motivated and connected within the team. While it can be easy to feel lost amidst a group of talented individuals, it’s important to establish our presence and make meaningful contributions. By consistently striving to exceed expectations and taking ownership of our work, we create a strong case for deserving more compensation. If this interests you check out my free masterclass on having a leadership mindset. 

In conclusion, asking for more compensation in the face of blurred job roles and expectations requires a proactive and strategic approach. By seeking clarity, defining goals, developing others, and demonstrating our commitment and impact, we can position ourselves for success and achieve the compensation we deserve. Remember, engagement and productivity go hand in hand, so stay focused and make your contributions count.

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