Just a couple of months ago I embarked on a transformative wellness journey that has taught me many valuable lessons about leadership and how prioritizing my own well-being has positively impacted my professional life. But let’s be real for a moment. Balancing our well-being with the demands of work and life can be challenging. This was especially challenging for me during Covid. I wasn’t prepared to face my own personal struggles during the pandemic—the gyms and studios closed, extra-long work weeks with no end in sight, limited access times to grocery stores—and the healthy habits I had prior to that took a backseat. Can you relate? 🤔

However, what I’ve realized these past few months is that prioritizing my health and well-being doesn’t just benefit me personally—it also has a profound impact on my professional life. When I practice self care, I show up better for my clients and teams. I have more sustained energy throughout the day, focus, and resilience to navigate challenges, inspire those I work with, and be more creative. It’s a win-win situation! Here are a few tips that have really supported me along the journey that I find align well with leadership.

1) Set Clear Intentions

One key lesson I’ve learned is the power of intention. Setting clear intentions for my health and well-being has helped me stay focused and motivated. By defining what I wanted to achieve and why it mattered to me, I was able to create a roadmap for success. As leaders, setting clear intentions can guide our actions, decisions, and ultimately, the direction we lead our teams.

2) Build Micro-Habits

I realized that small, consistent actions add up to significant results. Whether it’s dedicating 10 minutes each morning to meditation or incorporating short bursts of physical activity throughout the day, these micro-habits have improved my energy, focus, and overall well-being. As leaders, encouraging our teams to develop micro-habits that support their health and well-being can lead to increased productivity, resilience, and happiness in the workplace. Be the best role model you can be!

3) Have a Support System in Place

Another important aspect of my wellness journey has been having a support system in place. Surrounding myself with positive, like-minded individuals and professionals who uplift and encourage me has been instrumental in my growth. Similarly, as leaders, it’s crucial to foster a supportive environment for our team members. By providing mentorship, coaching, resources, and opportunities for growth, we empower our team to thrive and reach their full potential. Together, we can achieve greatness!

4) Be Adaptable to Change

I learned to be open to growth and change. To actually being open to adapting my practices and trust that progress would occur. Throughout my wellness journey, I discovered the power of continuous growth and change. I went from weight lifting to walking, yoga and biking. At the moment my body was stressed and this small change made a huge difference. As leaders, we must embrace change, be open to new ideas, and continuously learn and evolve. Just like our wellness routines evolve over time, so should our leadership practices. By seeking opportunities for professional development, staying curious, and encouraging a growth mindset within our teams, we create an environment that fosters innovation, resilience, and long-term success.

If this resonates with you and you’re feeling called to prioritize your health and well-being, I encourage you to take that leap. Feel free to DM me for a complimentary leadership breakthrough session. We will start small, set intentions, build micro-habits, and create a support system that will uplift you on your journey. Remember, to allow for redirection and change when needed. When we invest in ourselves, we become better leaders, role models, and positively influence those around us. 🌟

I would love to hear about your well-being journey over the past couple of years! Have you experienced challenges or discovered valuable insights about leadership when you incorporated well-being or self-care practices along the way? Any tips that have helped you strike a balance between your well-being and professional life? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! Let’s inspire and support each other on our leadership and wellness journeys. Together, we can create a positive impact!

If this topic resonates with you DM me for a complimentary leadership breakthrough session or check out my free masterclass on having a leadership mindset to build confidence. These sessions are really about helping to see where you are versus where you want to be. I guarantee you’ll walk away with value and some ideas or strategies to help bridge that gap.