“How do I find the energy again to achieve when the world can be put on pause?” Do you ever ask yourself this question? Have your priorities change during COVID? I am hearing a common theme amongst colleagues and professionals that their same level of ambition and drive for success is no longer the same post-Covid. When the world was shut down during the pandemic it gave some professionals a different perspective on life. It’s almost as if the uncertainty of closures has cast a shadow over high-achieving aspirations, leaving some people hesitant and doubtful to move forward with the same ferocity and drive for success. This topic came up in recent conversations and there seems to be a drive a to make this a priority once again, to actually reignite the spark for those that identify as an “achiever” once again.

Here are a few tips discussed to bring back this habit and reignite a passion for achievement once again.

1) Seize the Reins of Your Destiny

Instead of passively waiting for opportunities, come up with projects proactively, seizing the reins of your own destiny. By taking control of your own path, you can regain a sense of agency and purpose. It’s about embracing the notion of self-initiation and finding satisfaction in creating your own opportunities.

2) Look Towards Others

Look for opportunities to contribute in a meaningful way once more. It’s about rediscovering that drive to make a positive impact, whether through small improvements or grand endeavors. By seeking out ways to enhance the lives of others, you can find renewed meaning in your own work.

3) Be Present 

Another essential aspect of regaining energy and motivation lies in being more present during the day and with others. By truly engaging with the present moment, you can forge genuine connections and draw inspiration from the people around you. Human interaction has a way of invigorating the spirit and reminding us of our shared purpose and potential.

4) Reframe Challenges 

To re-engage and find meaning in your work, you must also reframe what you don’t like in the day, especially during challenging times. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, focus on the lessons and growth opportunities embedded within difficulties. Asking yourself, “What is the gift in this challenge? What could I learn from it?” It’s about adopting a resilient mindset and perceiving setbacks as stepping stones toward personal and professional development. If this interests you check out my free masterclass on having a leadership mindset. 

In this ever-changing world, where uncertainty looms, finding the energy to achieve may seem daunting. However, by making success a priority, proactively seeking projects, contributing meaningfully, connecting with others, finding meaning in our work, and reframing our perspective on bad days, we can reignite the fire within us. The world’s uncertainties may persist, but our ability to thrive and excel remains steadfast. Embrace the challenge, and let your resilience shine through.

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