We’ve all had to make changes because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of us are still unable to see loved ones, our favorite stores and restaurants have temporarily closed, and most of us have had to make the switch to remote working.

The latter certainly has its benefits though. We’re all loving the time we’re saving not having to commute to work, but working from home can often seem like a nightmare for managers. How do you know everyone’s working productively? How do you make sure all your staff has the tools they need to complete their jobs?

The critical skill is trust. So here’s my useful guide to help build trust within your team and keep your business productive this fall.


Embrace the flexibility

Remote workers can often feel far more engaged because their setup allows them more flexibility to be productive while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. When designing a new standard operating procedure, why would you want to rip up the freedom that remote working provides?

Instead, keep your team inspired and motivated by agreeing on a framework that ensures milestones are still met and tasks completed. Allow your staff to create their own plan. The way I see it, as long as everything is being completed to an appropriate standard in the timeframe set, team members can work in whatever way is best for them.

This is the culture I advise all team leaders to follow. Be as flexible as you can be, and once your team sees that you’re willing to be open and understanding of their needs, they’re more likely to accommodate yours. You’ll build a level of trust which will benefit both parties.


be human

Technology is fantastic, but if we’re not careful, it’ll dehumanize us. What’s the most critical factor of any successful team? The people in it! 

With everybody out of the office, make sure team spirit doesn’t drop. If you want to build trust as a leader, you’ve got to go out of your way to make your staff feel appreciated and valued. Reward and acknowledge success. Make sure you publicly praise those who are going above and beyond.

Also, implement channels for feedback so that people feel connected and involved. You can’t build trust without good communication, whether in an office or working from home.


clarity is key

By ensuring everybody is in the loop as often as possible, you keep anxiety and confusion at bay within your team. Without face-to-face working, individuals can quickly lose sight of a company’s motivation and what you, as their leader, wants them to accomplish.

Remember, when in doubt, be as transparent as possible. If your staff are up to date, they’re less likely to fill in the blanks with rumors and gossip.


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